Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance and alarm and fire alarm systems are precisely structured processes. The applicable regulatory requirements and standards must be complied with.

The service includes:

  • Preview
  • project preparation
  • preparing an offer
  • construction
  • warranty and post-warranty support
  • prophylaxis and service of video surveillance systems

You can use the package as an integrated technical security system or individually. Enjoy excellent professional professionals - engineers and technicians who need to have up-to-date equipment that is quickly and efficiently used in the service. It is especially possible to negotiate individually when signing the contract.
Follow these steps: Free preview and service of "Offer-offer" and receipt:
• Optimal configuration of the technical security system.
• Detailed information about system components.
• Opportunities to combine with other services offered by the company.
• Prices of preferential terms, current promotions and more.
• Exact deadlines for building the system.
• Undertaking for such security of the site.
Preparation of "Contract" after approval of the offer: • The value of what is needed to build the technique • Prices of services for installation, adjustment and programming of technical means.
• Deadline for building the system.
• Warranty period of the equipment.
• Terms and method of payment.
Establishment of the security system: • Cabling, installation of maintenance tools, tuning - the best adequate and trouble-free program work, programming - you need to find the right information to look for and train your client to work with systems.
Prevention and cleaning of the security system: • Periodic sampling of all programmed signals and measurement of the momentary performance of the electronic components with which the system is built.
Guarantee and consequent maintenance of the security system: • Pre-construction and reprogramming of the whole system or its individual components.
• Replacement and repair of individual components.
• Moving (dismantling and installation) of technical equipment at the initial need.
Service repair of security system components:
• Disassembling faulty components and replacing them with temporary take-offs, contributing to damage.
• Repair in company service, setup and testing.
• Installation of a repair part and testing of the whole system operation.

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